Mrs. Parveen Ali
Academic Director

Our top priority is to provide our students with a challenging educational program in a safe, secure and friendly environment that motivates each student to be proficient in all core content areas.

Our dedicated and dynamic faculty tirelessly strives to provide the best educational foundation that will enable all students to be responsible decision makers, to be adept at problem solving, to display a positive regard for self and others and to be contributing members in an ever-changing technological and global society.

To accomplish these ends, we utilize innovative curriculum, effective instructional practices, holistic learning techniques and strong school-parent partnership.

We believe, the success of our school is the direct result of the shared responsibilities between our staff, students and parents.

I have full trust and confidence in the conscientiousness of my students which would help them to scale great heights and achieve laurels in all walks of life.

About us

Top of the World awards for Cambridge Assessment International Education

Al Majd International School is a center of educational excellence serving the expatriate student community in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The school is organised to give students the support needed so that they can achieve beyond the expected levels right from Kindergarten till A’ Level (Grade 12). Here, academic excellence is combined with a deep-seated love for learning. It is one of the best performing schools in the Eastern Province. Our students have consistently attained high standards in learning with Top of the World awards for Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE, formerly known as CIE) IGCSE O’ Level and GCE A/AS Level examinations. A vast majority of our graduates have proceeded to study in leading universities around the world and many have taken up successful professional careers. Our work is rapidly gaining a positive reputation at a local, national level.

The future is very bright at Al Majd International School!

Mission Statement

Every student will be
inspired and challenged to learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social, and
vocational goals.

We recognize that each child is a unique individual; possessing talents, abilities, goals, and dreams. We also understand that each child can only be successful when we acknowledge all aspects of that child’s life; addressing their needs, enhancing their intellect, developing character, and uplifting their spirit. We understand that individuals learn, grow and achieve differently, and it is therefore critical that, as a devoted institution, we provide a diversity of learning methods based on student needs.

Our History

We provide universal access to the world’s best education.

In the summer of 1997, Al Majd International School was founded as an alternative to the available educational institutions in the local area. The school has steadfastly held to its mission of encouraging “courage and commitment” in its students.

By keeping tuition fees relatively low, the school has been able to attract students across the entire socio-economic spectrum. Unlike many private schools, Al Majd International School does not simply have a few, token, minority students. We are happy to have students from all around the world. This beautiful mix of colors and cultures helps all of the students to understand, respect and appreciate both the differences and similarities that exist among people. We believe that this will, in turn, make them better prepared to be citizens of the world.

Al Majd International School has a formidable record of attracting a diverse, gifted student body and helping each student reach his or her potential. Its graduates have moved on to great success at many of the finest high schools and universities in the country. The school assumes that all of its students will be attending college. In fact, each graduating class of the high school has had an almost perfect college acceptance rate.

The primary reason for the school’s educational success is the dedicated faculty made up of professionals who love to teach. With each year, we upgrade ourselves to meet the academic pre-requisites of our student community. At various times, the buildings were modified and extended to accommodate the growing school population. With all the changes and improvements added to Al Majd International School, the core elements that have not changed are the commitment and care of our Principal, Academic Director, Teachers, Staff and Parents of our institution.

Our Motto

Aspire.  Aim.  Achieve!

Our Slogan

Education is the key to
unlock the golden doors of Achievers are freedom.

Molded in our

Our Vision And Philosophy

The students of today are the nation builders of tomorrow.

In the present competitive global scenario, right education should foster global understanding and awareness. At Al Majd International School, we believe in working together to provide a wonderful and high-quality learning environment where all students can be successful in their lives. We are committed to building character, enriching minds and attaining academic excellence. We are committed to empower students to become confident learners who are capable of critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

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