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The four libraries of our school are well utilised and accessed by our teaching learning community. We have ensured that they have full library schedules incorporated in their class routines. The libraries boast of books of different genres in order to encourage students to become ardent readers. We strive to upgrade our collections and each library is equipped with Projectors and surround Sound systems to aid students visualise the books they read. Computers with Internet and printer are installed in the libraries for the students’ research purposes supplemented by an array of non-fiction books. Students frequently visit the libraries, especially the Seniors, for their assignments and projects.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Our school has four IT laboratories and all the computers are equipped with Internet facilities. IT is being integrated into all subject areas. Since our school is the centre of CAIE Examinations, printers are strategically placed to utilise during these examinations. Interactive projectors have just been installed in the Senior IT Laboratories and some of the classrooms to empower teachers with their methodologies. Wi-Fi access is broadcasted in the whole school premises. In order to facilitate teachers in their preparation of classroom activities, computer laboratory is provided for them.

Audio-Visual Rooms

In order to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need, four AVRs are provided for them. Although all four have surround Sound system and desktop computers, two of these, at the moment, have Interactive projectors installed in them. These AVRs serve as tool for teachers to enrich their students’ imagination through visuals and audios.


The two multi-purpose halls serve as the venue for school assemblies, general meetings, special events, stage productions, workshops / seminars and other co-curricular activities. These auditoriums also serve as Audio-Visual rooms and examination venues for larger classes / sessions, thereby, Interactive projectors, desktop computers and surround Sound systems are well-maintained. 

Science Laboratories

Separate laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics have been provided for the practical experience of our O’ Level and A’ Level students. We also have two Science laboratories for our Grades 4 – 7 students.

Biology Laboratory

Our laboratory is facilitated with safety equipment like first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a well gas line leading to the burner. We have ample number of microscopes and glass apparatus. Students are strictly advised to wear apron and follow the general safety rules when conducting experiments. Goggles and gloves are also worn when handling chemicals. We maintain an enjoyable, instructional and safe environment in the Biology Laboratory.

Chemistry Laboratory

Our Chemistry laboratory is a great place for students to learn Chemistry using practical experiments as these help them enhance their learning by complementing the theoretical aspects that are taught in classrooms. Practical methodology paves a strong foundation for the students and is a pillar for their careers.

Our School has a well-equipped laboratory that helps the students to develop their experimental skills. The lab is spacious and can accommodate about 20 students in one session. We observe safety measures by installing fume cupboard, eyewash area and safety shower.

We have Lab. Assistants who help teachers in setting the experiments required for the sessions as students are given individual attention and supervision by their Teachers.

Physics Laboratory

Our Physics laboratory is equipped with modern equipment to help the students learn the concepts of Physics with practical experiments. It is designed in such a way that the students can practice taking measurements, analyzing data and drawing inferences. The laboratory aims in enabling students to learn Physics theories in a more elaborative manner with the involvement of its application; experiments carried out are mostly the ones in coherence with the curriculum.

There is a wide range of Physics laboratory equipment from the common ones like magnets, pulleys, pendulums, inclined planes, springs, beakers, prisms, glasses, tuning forks, item scales, etc., to sophisticated ones like microscopes, electromagnets, voltammeter, potentiometer, etc. The lab is quite spacious and there is ample space for large scale experiments and can accommodate 24 students conducting practical examinations in groups of two depending on the experiment at hand.

Learner Centric Classrooms

Our school has designated areas for Co-Curricular Activities, Arabic, Urdu and Islamic Studies. It ensures that our learners would be comfortable enough to absorb their lessons.

Kindergarten Activity Rooms / Learning Centres

The activity rooms in kindergarten section are created so as a place to emphasize the overall development of the child. Effective Language Art centre, Block centre and Literacy centres are organized and managed so that young learners can work independently and creatively. The centre activities are open ended to allow creativity and varying activities to work together. Our Literacy centre has various books which are easy to locate and are inclusive of poems, picture books, etc.

These centres provide an opportunity for the young learners to read, write, listen or speak. It supports the literacy goals that are set for young learners. They shift to different activities after completion of their tasks.

Learning Centres are rooms where young learners learn about Literacy and Numeracy by getting involved in various activities like Sequencing, Alphabet Activities, Sight word activities, Phonics, Spelling Activities, Handwriting Activities, Verbal Reasoning, and Listening Activities. For Numeracy, the young learners get involved in activities like Count and Match, Number punch, Shape hunt, Bouncing numbers, It’s about time, etc.

The Educators observe, listen and support each Learner to share their knowledge, discover new ideas and develop the cognitive skills at the very early stage of their childhood.

Outdoor Kindergarten Play Area

The playground area keeps the Kindergarten Learners occupied physically, emotionally and socially with an array of games and sports under the supervision of our Sports/PE Teacher. In addition to games like Hula Hoop, Giant Pick-up Sticks, Kick the Can, Ring Toss, Trigon, Shark and Minnows, etc., in Al Majd Kindergarten Section, our young learners are also involved in sports like Basketball and Volleyball. These sports hone dexterity and flexibility aside from entertaining for pupils to learn and grow.

Kindergarten Dining Area

The Kindergarten shares a beautiful and clean dining room, which is hygienic and equipped with adequate wash basin and hand wash. Water dispenser is also available at the corner of the room. Snack time is taken at dining tables wherein our young learners have their small area in which they can sit and share with each other.

Leisure Activity Room

As means for the Kindergarten pupils to relax, the Leisure Activity room is equipped with an ample-sized TV, surround sound system and indoor play area. Here, pupils can watch anything from educational to entertaining shows, which are always updated and monitored to ensure that good values would be learned through quality programs. They also have the choice to play with the indoor games provided. We believe that pupils learn more when they are playing or watching movies.

Prayer Rooms

Our school has two Prayer rooms where our students and faculty staff find time to pray and grow in their faith.


Healthy snacks and beverages are offered in our canteens at affordable prices. Strict hygiene standards are observed and maintained at all times.

Sports Facilities

A variety games such as table tennis, badminton, tennis, basketball, throwball and volleyball, which are age-appropriate based on the standard requirements of the sports facilities are available in our campus. We also have improvised soccer / football field where matches are conducted.


Our two clinics are equipped with emergency facilities such as wheelchairs, stretchers, nebulizers, first aid materials. Qualified nurses manage the clinics. Students undergo regular hygiene check-up. Logbook is well-kept and updated. Computers are installed for easy access of students’ vital information.

Security System and CCTV

Safeguarding the well-being of all students and staff of Al Majd International School is our primary concern. Therefore, we have strategically installed IP based surveillance cameras in various areas of the school campus where we find critical entry/exit points and hidden areas. Furthermore, in order to maintain the security of our offices, we have installed Biometric Fingerprint Scanners, which control the access of all teachers and non-faculty staff to our Administration building doors. The same technology is also utilised as our Staff Attendance System.